IT Support and Maitenance

Computer Repair Company based in burgersfort

We’re confident that we are have qualified Technicians that fix any computer or laptop possible problems. We are reliable and always impress.

  • Your Computer or Laptop has no power when you switch it on? We can fix it.
  • Your computer is slow and freezes? We can fix it.
  • We do Screen & keyboard replacements.
  • your computer does not charge? Does not connect internet? NO Sound? We can fix it.

1. Pc Selection, Installation and Setup

Advice for what kind of computer would best suit the customer's needs, installation, and loading of software on the machine.

2. PC or Laptop repair, Maintenance and upgrade

Repairing of damaged computers / Laptops. Maintaning and upgrading the PC for the best performance

3. Software Installation

Installing of operating system from windows XP, 7, 8 & 10. and installation of softwares including, anti-virus, microsoft office, adobe reader and more

4. Home or Office Network Installation

The connection of all hardware in your home/office, including setting up wired or wireless modems and routers.

5. Network Troubleshooting and repair

Ensuring that all devices are properly connected to the network and other diagnostic measures, resulting in the problem being solved. .

6. Printer Installations and repairs

Ensuring that all computers are connected to the printers and they are all printing

7. Spyware and virus removal and prevention

We remove or prevent any viruses or spyware that might/may affect or cause your computer to run slow or not function properly

8. Data recovery and trasnfers

let us Backup your data so that you cannot lose it. We will also recover any lost/deleted files or data. We also do data transfer from one device to another.